Nine new fruit machines, pub slots and AWPs added to Pokie Wins free games

Pokie Wins is pleased to announce the addition of nine new fruit machines, pub slots and AWP games to the collection of free casino games at the Pokie Wins site. The nine new fruit machine games in this release are the following: Alien Cash Attack, Apocalypse Cow, Billion Dollar Gran, Bingo Bango Boom, Bundle in the Jungle, Cops and Robbers, Deep Sea Dosh, Doggy Reel Bingo and Dubya Money. We have provided links to all of these free pub slots, which are sometimes referred to as AWP slots, or Amusements with Prizes, below.

What are fruit machines, fruit slots, pub slots and AWPs? For the most part, these terms are used interchangeably to refer to popular arcade type slot machines which are very popular in the UK and much of Europe. These fruit slots are typically found in bars, pubs, convenience stores and take out food restaurants, as well as in many other businesses. These AWP games feature the ability for players to inject skill into their play, as the outcome often depends on decisions made by the individual players. If you haven’t tried an AWP machine before, try out the games we have listed below for free play on the Pokie Wins site.

Alien Cash Attack Fruit Machine
Apocalypse Cow Fruit Slot
Billion Dollar Gran AWP Machine
Bingo Bango Boom Pub Slot
Bundle in the Jungle Fruit Machine
Cops and Robbers Fruit Slot
Deep Sea Dosh AWP Machine
Doggy Reel Bingo Pub Slot
Dubya Money Fruit Machine

Our personal favorite game in this release is the Dubya Money fruit slot. It features former USA President George W. Bush and is rather humorous.

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