Which is better to play: penny slots, nickel slots, quarter slots, or dollar slots?

Well, what denomination of slot machine or pokie is best for you to play depends on a few factors.

First, you should not play a machine that makes you stake more than you can afford to lose. Gambling should be done for entertainment. You should not risk your ability to pay your bills or enjoy your life at the expense of gambling.

Second, once you determine how much you can afford to play, you should pick a game that will allow you to play long enough to enjoy yourself. For example, if you’re only playing with $20 or $30, you’re best off playing a machine where your total bet is 25 to 50 cents per spin. To bet 25 to 50 cents on a multiline slot, your best bet would be to head for the penny slots. If your gambling budget is $500 or more, perhaps dollar slots are not out of the question. Most players will feel more comfortable with something in the middle, perhaps pokies that are nickel pokies or quarter slots.

Setting aside your gambling budget for a moment, you’re probably wondering what games have better payouts. On a percentage basis, most casinos will set higher denomination slot machines for higher payout percentages. But even though that is the case, you will lose more money on average when betting max on a dollar slot machine when compared to a penny or nickel pokie.

Why is that the case? Here’s the math:

Let’s say you are playing 200 pennies per spin and the slot machine pays back 88% on average. On the average spin you will lose 24 cents.

Now consider you are playing 200 quarters per spin and the slot machine pays back 94% on average. On the average spin you will lose $3, over twelve times as much money than in the penny slot example, even though the house is keeping 6% instead of 12%.

Even though that’s the case, a 94% payback machine is likely to hit jackpots and big wins more often, even though those players will be worse off over the long run.

Those are the facts. Ultimately, you will need to choose which denomination is best for you based on your circumstances.

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