What is the payout percentage on slot machines and pokies?

While it is hard to determine exactly how each slot machine is set, there is some information that can be used to give people clues on the issue. Ultimately, only the owner of a slot machine knows what type of payout chip is inserted into a slot machine or pokie.

First, by law, slot machines in Nevada (USA) must pay back at least 75%; in Atlantic City (New Jersey, USA) the minimum is 78%; in Australia, the minimum payback percentage on the pokies is 87%. Typically, slot machines pay back between 82 and 98 percent, although the extremes on both ends are rare.

Several years ago there was a study on a group of Las Vegas’ nickel slot machines. The results suggested that nickel slots at the Palms were the best paying in Las Vegas at slightly over 93%, while the nickels slots at the Las Vegas airport were the worst (no surprise there) at just over 85%.

Most online casinos powered by Microgaming software are independently audited and return 93 to 97 percent to the players on average.

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