Are there any tricks or tips to win on slot machines and pokies?

Tricks to win on slots? No, there aren’t any tips or tricks to win on slots or pokies. It all boils down to luck.

That said, we do have some tips to improve the chances that your outcome will be better if you want to play slot machines and pokies. First, your best bet is to play online or at a casino regulated by the government. Most government regulated casinos around the world must return 75 to 85 percent of all monies wagered, although most return over 90 percent on average. Online casinos operate on less overhead and typically return 93-96 percent of all monies wagered on the pokies and slots.

While online casinos typically return these higher percentages, it is highly recommended that you play at an online casino that is operating in an environment that is government licensed and regulated.

Furthermore, if you do play at a land-based casino, we recommend that you sign up for the player’s club so you can receive promotions and rebates on your theoretical losses. Signing up for the VIP or player’s club could help you qualify for casino comps, such as food, show tickets and free slot play.

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